Employee Job Performance Self Evaluation; What is Your Credibility in the Workplace?

One career boost potential too often overlooked by employees is self job performance appraisal. Persons who routinely initiate their own job performance self evaluation in regards to workplace ethics and interpersonal relations stay one step ahead of the game.

Self evaluation enables employees to alter negative behavior patterns that could stand in the way of building personal credibility and gaining more respect from coworkers and superiors. Boosting their careers and increasing chances of moving up the ladder to a better position and greater compensation for a job well done.

Interpersonal Communication

Good communication in workplace settings is vital. Not only as a team building skill that improves coworker compatibility and helps to offset daily frustrations. It also builds self confidence; a highly desirable trait employers look for in potential candidates for job advancement.

What is your rapport building skill level? Do you refrain from idle office gossip that sabotages team-building efforts? Do you respect workplace diversity? When a workplace problem arises, how do you handle it?

Honesty; Being Almost Honest isn’t the Same as Being Honest

What is your credibility level? Are you honest? Can you bring balance to a difficult to deal with workplace issue, without stirring the pot?

Are you able to provide productive feedback for the sake of interpersonal conflict resolution, or do you vent behind closed doors? Be candid with yourself during your job performance self evaluation as you ask yourself these type questions.

Above all else, when noting a negative tendency or behavior pattern, take steps toward change. Boost your confidence level, earn the respect of fellow employees and superiors, and get ready for that possible job promotion just around the corner!


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