How to Handle Criticism

It’s bound to happen eventually, no matter how good you are at your job: somebody is going to criticize they way you do things. The way you react to that criticism, and others like it, can have a real impact on your career. Here are few tips for taking criticism and making the best of it.

 to what they’re saying, without getting defensive or trying to explain yourself. Even if they’re just whining or complaining, arguing won’t help the situation. Like with any conversation, let them say their piece without interruption.

 what they’re saying, without getting caught up in the blame game. No matter if you were taught a certain way or if you think they have faulty motives, think about what would happen if you did things the way they suggest — would your results be different?

 the benefits and the challenges, after you’ve listened and spent time considering it. Talk about how it would play out, and who would be responsible for all the different aspects, as well as how the end result would be different than it is now. Also discuss when the change could be implemented and what the consequences would be if the idea isn’t implemented.

 the results, if you do decide to make a change. Whether it works or not, you want to be able to show the how and the why. Either way you get credit for being a team player, willing to listen to others and make adjustments when indicated.

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