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    (ARCHIVE) The Reliability and Validity of a Direct Writing Assessment Program

    Abstract This series of three case studies describes a program of applied research on writing evaluation conducted in a large utility company. Two of the studies employed represented workers as subjects while the third utilized management employees. Reliability of ratings was examined several ways, including generalizability analysis, coefficient alpha, and Pearson r. Validity of writing

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    Constructing a Campus Recruiting Network

    As the economy improves and hiring increases, recruiters may need to cast their nets wider to locate the very best college graduates this year. Related posts: Screening for Quality on the Web Unemployed? Stop Twiddling Your Thumbs and Do THIS Instead! Job Seekers: Stop Creeping On Your Ex Online and Start Doing THIS Instead Great

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    Screening for Quality on the Web

    Many employers are moving beyond the traditional resume by using web-based tools to screen and assess job candidates’ ability and aptitude and to boost candidate quality and productivity. Related posts: Unemployed? Stop Twiddling Your Thumbs and Do THIS Instead! Some Professionals Find a Second Chance in a New Career Five Practical Ways To Change Careers

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