How to Write an Effective Resume for That Terrific Restaurant Job Opening

With 1.9 million new restaurant jobs projected by the year 2018, it is no wonder why a career in the hospitality business is such a popular choice. Or why so many persons want to know how to write an effective resume; to nab hotel or restaurant management jobs, food preparation positions, or restaurant server jobs.

The potential for hospitality career advancement is excellent. Regardless if the person has attended one of the top culinary schools, has an associate of science degree, or simply seeks a position as a waiter waitress. Employees who exemplify a positive workplace attitude and have good people skill and job performance competence can quickly excel on the hospitality ladder to career success.

Deciding What Jobs to Apply For

When deciding which hospitality establishment you might like to work for, consider this; the nicer the establishment, the more detailed the hospitality services – the more focus will be put on hospitality training and good job skill instruction.

And many times employee benefit, pay, work conditions, and chances for career advancement will be superior to that of less stylish establishments.

Let’s say you are interested in working for an upscale restaurant, but are hesitant to apply for a position because previous work experience was with more casual type establishments. A neat, attractive appearance, friendly, outgoing personality, and confident demeanor can go a long way in compensating work experience short comings.

Why not visit the restaurant just before rush time. When hospitality management is most likely to be present, but not too busy for an impromptu meeting. This will increase your chance of talking directly with the person responsible for hiring. If you make a good impression, you very well might be considered for a position, despite your lack of the type experience desired.

How to Write an Effective Resume

Knowing what to write in a resume and how to prepare for a job interview will boost your confidence and help you make a positive impression; increasing your chances of landing the job.

When you write your resume, keep the following in mind:

  • Regardless if the resume is for restaurant management jobs or restaurant server jobs – keep resume format and tone as professional as possible.
  • Avoid “fluff.”  Keep focus on resume objective and the type resume job for which you are applying. Experience, skills, and attributes should be job relevant.
  • Another great resume tip is to keep it short; no more than a single page long. Think of your resume as an appetizer; make it appealing, but brief. You can always expand on aspects of your resume during the job interview.

Job Interview Preparation

After delivering your resume, think positive and begin preparing for a job interview:

  • Learn all you can about the hospitality company you are applying to and the type hospitality services they provide.
  • Rehearse answers to questions you are likely to be asked during the interview. For instance, how you would deal with a hard to get along with coworker in a particular situation. By thinking about responses to such questions before the interview, you avoid appearing frazzled trying to formulate answers on the spot.
  • One question you should be prepared to answer during the job skill assessment part of the interview is what special people skill attributes or job talent you have that make you a good candidate for the job. Consider your attributes carefully. This is no time for false modesty, but be honest; don’t exaggerate.
  • Most upscale restaurants require employees to know key food preparation methods and terms used. It might be a good idea to become familiar with the various food items on the restaurant’s menu before your interview.
  • Speaking a second language, especially Spanish, is a great job skill asset to flaunt. Especially in large cities with non-English speaking employees or patrons, or in areas frequented by tourists.

Aside from how to write an effective resume, one other tip that will help make a good impression is to send a job interview thank you note; expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be considered as a part of their employment team.

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