Amazing Workplace Records

Does your boss expect you to do the impossible? Just check out these work record holders below. Their wild achievements can inspire you to accomplish super-human feats at work.

Most pizzas made in one hour: 142
Mark Rush made 142 pizzas at a Domino’s Pizza in Mississippi in 2008. Mama mia!

Longest time with no sick days: 63 Years
Think going a few months without a sick day is an accomplishment? Meet Mildred Parsons, who retired from the FBI after nearly 63 years of service without ever once calling in sick.

Most heads shaved in one hour: 44
Anne Armstrong of the U.K. shaved a record 44 heads in one hour. The record didn’t mention the number of nicks.

Youngest age for CEO: 14
Suhas Gopinath, of Bangalore, India, launched Globals, Inc., at the ripe young age of 14 — when he landed a major outsourcing project but was too young to sign the official paperwork. Today, his company has 60 employees, all between the ages of 17 and 22.

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Most radio interviews in a day: 72
Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz, from the band Fall Out Boy, spoke about a new album with a whopping 72 radio stations in just one day.

Most juice from stomping on grapes for one minute: 1.5 gallons
Germany’s Martina Servaty stomped out nearly 1.5 gallons of grape juice in one minute during a Guinness World Records Day celebration in 2008.

Most blood pressure readings in 24 hours: 2,302
Grace Galindez-Gupana, of the Philippines, achieved four health-screening records during a mass health mission for the poor in 2008.

Longest modeling contract: 30+ years
Shima Iwashita has been a house model for a Japanese cosmetic company since 1972, when she was 31. She is in her 60s now and shows no signs of slowing — and very few of aging.

Most cocktails made in one hour: 662
Christopher Raph of Minneapolis made 662 different drinks — each using at least three ingredients — in April of 2009. That’s an average of 11 cocktails a minute.

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