Interview Tips

If you’ve managed to secure an interview for a position, here are a few helpful tips to maximise your chances of landing the role.

  • Plan your journey and make sure you allow enough time to get there. It’s always better to arrive at the building early and have time to compose yourself, so allow yourself some extra time and make sure you know exactly where you have to be and when. That way, if you do get lost, you’ll have plenty of time to find you way to the correct location
  • Ensure you carry out research on both the role and the business beforehand. When you enter the interview you should know as much as possible about the job you’re applying for (and the company), and be able to demonstrate your knowledge to your interviewers. It’s a simple and easy process, but poor preparation will likely go against you when candidates are considered.
  • Always ensure you are smartly presented and punctual. Whilst a suit/business dress may not be required, general presentation is always taken into consideration. This includes clean, ironed clothes appropriate for an interview situation, and a good level of personal hygiene. This, along with your prompt arrival, will have a big impact on your interviewer.
  • Remember to bring any supporting evidence of relevant previous work or achievements with you. These will be used to support claims made both verbally and in your CV and will provide you with an opportunity to show your worth. The evidence you supply should be relevant to the position and required experience and show evidence of your progression where possible.
  • Always endeavour to be enthusiastic about the job role, engaging in conversation, passionate about the opportunity offered to you, and to build a rapport with your interviewers. These elements are crucial to demonstrating your personality and the professional nature employers look for when hiring.
  • When answering questions always attempt to draw on previous experience from your work history. This will display your depth of experience and show effort to answer the interviewer’s questions with consideration.
  • Always ask any questions you have about the role. This is your opportunity to learn as much as you can about the job and therefore tailor further responses to this. It also demonstrates your inquisitive nature and eagerness to secure the job.

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