5 Tips for Performing an Interview Follow-Up

If you just had a job interview, the worst thing you could do is wait for a call back without doing a follow-up. With so many people being unemployed, the job market is more competitive. This means you have to do more to make yourself memorable to employers. In order to help in this process, we will provide some helpful tips on how to perform the interview follow up.

1. Thank Them: Shortly after you leave the interview, you should write a thank you note for the hiring manager. Show gratitude for them taking the time to interview with you. You can also email them, but a handwritten note makes more of an impact.

2. Remember the Name: When you interview with a hiring manager for 30 minutes, you should know that person by first and last name. It will not look good if you start a thank you note with “To whom it may concern.” It may help to get the name of the person who is interviewing you, prior to the big day.

3. Recall Conversations: Let the person who interviewed you know that they had your full attention the entire time. If you and the interviewer had a short conversation about hobbies and other interests, bring it up in the note.

4. Explain Why You Fit: To follow up on recalling conversations, use this note to show that you also remembered what the job requires. Remind the hiring manager how you can fulfill each requirement, and why you are the right person for the job. Don’t oversell yourself, though. Qualify yourself for the position, while being humble.

5. Follow up ASAP: Time is of the essence. You shouldn’t procrastinate by sending a note two weeks or later after you hear nothing back from them. If you send a letter or email later than a week after the interview, you may already be too late.

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