Top 5 Surprisingly Stable Careers

Between bank bailouts and auto plant shutdowns, the struggle to land that new job can look more like navigating a minefield. A career training course in a surprisingly sought-after field could be your answer to the stressful job hunt.

Invest in Career Training

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a recession-proof career that you don’t have to worry about? With the right education, you can land a job that is more likely to stay stable during an economic downturn. In that sense, an online degree acts as an investment and insurance plan in one. Check out five surprisingly stable careers and learn how to get there.

Stable Career #1: Teaching

As long as there are schools, there will be a need for teachers. A bachelor’s degree plus teaching certification is required for the career. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, alternative training could put you in the job sooner than you might think. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that career opportunities for teachers will grow 12 percent through 2016.

Stable Career #2: Dental Hygienist

Open wide! Working as a dental hygienist means you can be a part of the growing health-care industry without spending years in dental school. An associate’s degree gives you the training you need to work with patients in a dentist’s office or clinic. The career has a surprising amount of growth potential, according to the BLS, with about 50,000 new jobs expected to enter the field by 2016.

Stable Career #3: Graphic Design

This artistic career could have you earning a healthy paycheck in a stable environment. Competition for graphic design careers is expected to be keen in the coming years, but as more print media moves to a Web format, big business looks to talented designers for help. Applicants with experience in Web design are expected to see the best prospects, the BLS reports. For a career that allows you to combine your technical knowledge with artistic skill, graphic design is a strong choice.

Stable Career #4: Law Enforcement

As long as criminals walk the streets, careers in law enforcement will be in demand. A rise in federal funding could mean more jobs for local and federal police officers.  While no educational program can guarantee a particular career or salary, the BLS notes that job opportunities in law enforcement will be the best for those with formal degree training.

Stable Career #5: Court Reporter

Put your typing skills to the test as a court reporter. This skilled job will have you listening in on real court cases as you create essential transcripts of the proceedings. Career opportunities for court reporters are expected to see a lot of growth in the coming years. The BLS reports that the industry will grow 25 percent through 2016, much faster than the average for all careers. Formal training is typically required because court reporters use specialized equipment.

Online Degrees Offer Convenience

Looking for a way to complete career training without disrupting your life? An online degree could be your answer. Attending school online means studying on your terms, wherever you can find an Internet connection. If you have the self-discipline to set your own schedule, you can succeed in an online degree program.

Whether you train online or in a traditional classroom, hiring managers in the careers above prefer or require formal education among their applicants. Secure a surprisingly stable career, and you may never have to worry about layoffs. In any economic climate, a little job security is a beautiful thing.

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