7 Team-Building Tips for Employers

7. Build Relationships

Work to build relationships not only between yourself and your employees, but also amongst employees. Strong relationships will provide trust, an important foundation for any team.

6. Set Goals

Give your employees goals to work toward as a group. Shared goals will encourage a team mentality, and require teamwork to achieve. The goals should be clear and measurable to avoid disagreements and in-fighting.

5. Delegate

Empower your employees by delegating. With real responsibilities, employees will have more reason to cooperate with others to achieve their tasks.

4. Encourage Participation

Your employees need to be motivated to fully participate as part of the team. Remind them that everybody is a part of the team, and that a success for an individual is a success for everybody.

3. Implement Rewards

Choose something your employees can enjoy as a group and announce it as a reward for good performance. This will build team spirit and renew enthusiasm, providing motivation for the group to work together. Social rewards such as lunches or outings are also their own tools, adding the extra benefit of relationship building.

2. Hold Regular Meetings

A team that doesn’t communicate has little chance of functioning well. Organize regular meetings for employees to receive guidance, discuss goals, and formulate plans.

1. Be a Team Player

It’s not enough to simply ask your employees to work as a team. You have to lead by example. Cooperate with your employees and work with them to achieve goals. It’s much easier to motivate people to do something once you’ve shown you’re willing to do it yourself.

One important part of forming a solid team is making sure each employee is paid fairly and adequately.


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