6 Ways to Instantly Boost Employee Morale

Tips for Improving Your Office Environment Quickly & Efficiently

Don’t Let Morale Get Too Low

Workplaces go through a myriad of changes including adjusting procedures, hiring, firing and promoting employees, obtaining new clients and adding or removing products and services. The nature of your company’s environment can influence employee morale in the workplace. Low employee morality can lead to a number of factors that are detrimental to your company, including low productivity, an increase in absenteeism and poor communication with management, co-workers and customers. Here are six ways you can boost low employee morale at your company.

6. Ask for Feedback

Show your employees you value their feedback and ideas. This can renew their trust in the company and make them feel like valuable members of the team. You can solicit feedback by distributing surveys, encouraging them to participate in brainstorming sessions and planning meetings and even find out their career goals. Employees will expect to see you take proactive steps to implement the ideas and suggestions that fit with the company’s overall goals and initiatives.

5. Show Some Appreciation

When employees receive recognition for their hard work and dedication, it drives them to work even harder. Show appreciation by rewarding employees with bonuses, additional paid-time off and/or an “Employee of the Month” celebration. At the very least you should acknowledge them on the company blog/newsletter,  or write a “thank you” note and put it on their desks. You’d be surprised how far a small gesture goes.

4. Display the Attitude You Expect From Employees

If you want to boost employee morale in your office, start with yourself. Do your employees see you smiling in the office and treating people with respect? If you have a negative attitude, it’s bound to rub off on the employees, and that energy often gets transferred to customers. Whether you realize it or not, your employees watch you for cues on work ethic, how they should respond to workplace crisis, interact with co-workers and customers.

3. Offer Training & Development

Help your employees grow professionally. You can do this by hosting or paying for training opportunities that help your employees perform better in their current job functions, but also prepares them other roles in the future. When employees are confident about their performance and know you’re dedicated to their growth, it boosts their morale and makes them more loyal to the company.

2. Plan a Community Service Day

Gather your employees for a community service day so they can step outside of the office and work together to complete a task. Employees will feel encouraged as they work as a team for a worthy cause. You can clean up the neighborhood together, take cookies to a nearby retirement home, volunteer at the local homeless shelter or plant a garden at a neighborhood school. If the logistics of getting everyone together on one day are too great, give everyone in the company the option to take one “community service” day as paid time off.

1. Stock the Company Kitchen

Food. The simple yet incredibly effective motivator. You can opt to serve breakfast to ensure that employees have a well-balanced meal at the start of their days, or you can reduce their lunch-packing woes by offering catered lunches select days during the week. Stocking the kitchen with additional healthy snacks is also an added bonus. An extra benefit to this is that employees don’t leave the grounds for lunch and presumably get even more work done.


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