6 Hot Careers for the Future

While it may be true that good things come to those who wait, the things bestowed on those who wait are often the leftovers from the people who hustle. That’s what Lincoln said, and it’s still true today. The future will be upon us the next time the sun rises. That’s why, when it comes to jobs, the best things may come to those who take action now to train for tomorrow’s jobs.

You don’t have to be a soothsayer to know where some of the best jobs will be. The U.S. Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration has predicted strong performers in career sectors that will be shakers and movers in the coming decade. Let’s look at six careers identified as winners, and the training you’ll need to run from the front of the pack.

Business Continuity Planners
Disaster and mayhem are inevitable. Business continuity planners create logistical plans and contingencies to restore operations in the event of hackers, cyber-theft, or natural disasters. What would your IT department do in a swine flu epidemic or a crippling hurricane? Jobs for management analysts are predicted to rise by 22 percent during the 2006-2016 decade. Combine business experience with an online M.B.A. degree in management or resource planning.

Fuel Cell Engineers
Fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity without the harmful greenhouse gas emissions typical to fossil fuels. They haven’t yet replaced motors in cars, boats, or planes, and they can’t yet power homes and offices — but they’re on the way. That’s why the Labor Department cites fuel cell engineers as up-and-comers. You’ll need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering to get started, and you can complete a master’s degree with a focus on green energy to join the race for clean energy.

Informatics Nurse Specialists
Welcome to the marriage of health care and information technology. Informatics nurse specialists gather, crunch, and disseminate data on patients, procedures, operational capacity, medications, and other critical numbers that keep hospitals, clinics, and laboratories at the edge of efficiency. Registered nurses are among the fastest-growing group of all professionals with an associate’s degree. But you may need to add an online RN to BSN or master’s degree with a focus on information technology to join this emerging specialty.

Green Marketers
Green marketers are responsible for developing and serving consumer and business markets where the premium is on renewable materials and energy, healthy foods, and consumer products with a reduced carbon footprint. You may sell a new kind of light bulb or a car that runs on fuel cells. Jobs for marketing managers should experience a 12 percent increase between 2006 and 2016. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising, or an online M.B.A. degree along with classes in green energy or environmental science.

Database Architects
Future engineering professionals won’t be working with the same software or hardware we use today. Businesses increasingly will depend on the creation, management, and security of data in an era where transactions — and hackers — become more sophisticated. That’s why database architects are on the Labor Department’s list of promising jobs going forward. While some database professionals can land jobs with an associate’s degree, you’re going to need advanced career training and certifications to remain competitive. Consider an online master’s degree in technology or database management.

Wind Energy Project Managers
Why not lead, rather than follow? Wind energy is one of the emerging technologies, supported by government and industry alike. If you have a background in engineering or environmental science, consider heading back to school to earn an online M.B.A. in project management. Learn to make projections, schedules, and keep deployment on track. You’ll be well-compensated, too.

No matter your calling, consider getting your career training underway. Companies are already hiring for these professions — the future starts today.

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