4 Attainable Skills To Add To Your Resume

Whether you are currently out of work and looking for a new job, or are unhappy in your present position and want to find something that is more to your liking, you have probably been paying some attention to your resume.

While you have some job experiences that are definitely marketable, you might be wondering if you can add any new certifications and skills to help you stand out in a field of applicants. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to truthfully pad your resume with easy-to-obtain skills or licenses that are sure to make a positive impact with a future employer. Here are four useful skills to add to your resume.

Start a Blog

As Intern Match notes, one of the best ways to help your résumé shine is to start a blog. In addition to highlighting your great abilities as a writer — as well as your other marketable skills and talents — it can also be shared with a wide range of people. Once you create a blog, include a link to it on your résumé, and fill your blog with well-written and clever posts about things that interest you, highlighting your strengths. Interview committees often check out blogs, and if your blog is professional and includes some great writing, they will be sure to be impressed with your abilities.

Consider Getting a Commercial Driver’s License

Chances are good you already have a regular driver’s license. In order to make yourself qualified for a multitude of positions, you may wish to also earn your commercial driver’s license, or CDL for short. Obtaining a CDL has many benefits. People who have one are able to drive trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. In addition, it also shows a potential boss that you have taken the time to learn a new and very useful skill, and if a business relies on drivers in any way, even for the company van, it might give you the edge in an interview. You can study for the CDL test and take practice tests online at no charge. Then take the CDL exam once you are ready.

Become Certified in First Aid

Including a first aid certification on your résumé is definitely a positive thing. Many companies require that employees have this training, and it also helps you come across as a person who goes the extra mile to learn important and valuable skills. To find an upcoming class in your area, you can go through the American Red Cross website, and it might also be possible to find an online course that is free or extremely low cost. While the American Red Cross classes can range in price from around $70 to $100, depending on which course you take and where you live, it can be a great investment if it helps you land a terrific job.

Learn to Use Microsoft Office Products

If you are trying to get a job in an administrative or office-type environment, showing that you are knowledgeable in Microsoft Office tools can make or break a job interview. Microsoft offers a course that will certify you as a Microsoft Office Specialist, which is a great asset to add to your CV. You can select which products you wish to learn more about, and then specialize in those particular tools. Like the First Aid certification, while there is a charge for the tests, it is definitely money well spent.

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